At George Randell Primary we endeavor to teach our learners how to play the game, teach the rules of the game and also to respect for those rules. Participation, enjoyment and physical exercise are the cornerstones upon which our games are built and in so doing we endeavor to inculcate a healthy team and competitive spirit and a will to win, but always governed by the rules of fair play and conduct becoming young ladies and gentlemen both on and off the field.

We believe that the game is greater than the players. Sport also provides socialization skills being learned, problem solving opportunities, strategies planned, initiative and leadership developed and tolerance of other players.

  1. Fields used for hockey, rugby and cricket.
  2. Two Tennis Courts.
  3. Three Netball Courts.
  4. Cricket Nets.
  5. 23m Swimming Pool.

Sport Available:
  1. Cricket.
  2. Mini-Cricket.
  3. Netball.
  4. Tennis.
  5. Swimming.
  6. Girl’s Hockey.
  7. Track & Field Activities.
  8. Cross Country.
  9. Rugby – Junior teams(white shorts, yellow jersey with brown collar and cuffs.) U/13A(white shorts with regulation 1st team sponsored jersey).