George Randell Primary School


Avd. Mr George Randell
(1908 – 1988)

George Randell first opened its doors in January 1911 in a wood and iron building situated more or less where the present buildings stand. Nearby was a small plantation of orange trees, hence the name Orange Grove School. The school grew to secondary status catering for both English & Afrikaans speaking children and in 1959 the High School section moved to a newly constructed premises. At this time the old name gave way to the present one in honour of Advocate George Randell, Chairman of the East London School Board at that time. In 1966 the Afrikaans speaking learners were transferred to Laerskool Kuswag leaving George Randell Primary as the English Medium School of today.


George Randell’s roots
  • George Randell Primary School opened its doors in January 1911 with 17 children in a wood and iron building.
  • Nulli Secundus means “Second to None”.
  • George Randell Primary School badge breakdown:
    1. Orange – represents the beginning as Orange Grove Primary School & Secondary School.
    2. Brown – represents the tradiontal colour of the border area.
    3. Gold – represents the values of the children of our school.
    4. The three fish – represents the close proximity to and associated with the sea as well as the elements from the family crest of advocate George Randell. They also present the success of education, incorparting the childred, the parent’s & the teacher’s.
  • The three houses within the school honour three former Principals, namely:
    1. AUSTIN (Gold) – Mr Austin was Principal until 1935.
    2. McQUAIG (Green) – Mr McQuaig held the position until the mid forties.
    3. STROEBEL (Brown) – Mr Stroebel served until 1950.