Miss A.Chetty
(HOD of Intermediate / Senior Phase)


We strive to give all our learners the best educational opportunities. We go the extra mile to ensure teaching is being done at its best. We have a dynamic group of teaching staff who offer different strengths and qualities.
  • Our teacher to learner ratio is good.
  • Each classroom is equipped with interactive white boards, sound boxes and overhead projectors.
  • We aim at building a good relationship with our parents to serve in the best interest of our learners’ academic progress.
  • We aim at providing additional learning resources to assist our children with their academics.
  • Every year we focus on improving areas in our academics to make it as exciting for our learners as possible.
  • We have a very well-run Remedial Department that offers additional academic support to our learners who need it.
  • We have a library filled with different genres of books.


As a school, our learners take part in a variety of different after-school events throughout the year. This affords our learners the opportunities to develop their interaction skills and at the same time gaining experience for personal growth. Below is a list of what our learners take part in:
  • SACEE events (Read aloud, Oratory competitions, Spelling Bees, Fun with Words, Essay and Poem Writing and so on).
  • Department Competitions (Astro Quiz, Spelling Bees, Natural Sciences and Technology Olympiads).
  • We take selected learners to the Grahamstown Science Festival.
Many of our learners have proudly represented our school by winning different events or either placing in the top 3 positions. We are very proud of all our learners who take part and achieve their best.


We are CAPS compliant. Below is a list of the subjects:
  • English Home Language.
  • Either IsiXhosa First Additional Language OR Afrikaans Additional First Language.
  • Mathematics.
  • Life Skills (Skilled teachers teaching Music, Physical Education, Drama, Dance and Art).
  • Natural Sciences and Technology.
  • Social Sciences.
  • Economics Management Science (Grade 7).
  • Creative Arts (Grade 7).
  • Life Orientation (Grade 7).
  • Technology (Grade 7).
At George Randell Primary School, Academics is our main priority and aim to ensure we always deliver our best.

Yours in Education,
Miss A. Chetty