A comprehensive program is offered at George Randell Primary and we encourage parents to guide their children in areas best suited to the child. A number of these cultural activities are offered privately on our premises and the cost of these classes is negotiated directly with the provider of the service.

  1. Chess.
  2. Junior Choir.
  3. Senior Choir.
  4. Junior & Senior Art.
  5. Scripture Union.
  6. Culture Dancing.
  7. Drama.
  8. Debating.
  9. Aerobics.
  10. Cami-Maths.
  11. Extra-Maths.
  12. Library.
  13. Marimba Band & Percussion.
  14. Karate & Modern Tap/Dancing are offered privately.

  1. Monitors.
  2. Prefects.
  3. Scholar Patrol.